Friday, February 26, 2010

Random Honest Scrap

Many, many thanks to Lori of Tiny Little Reveries for bestowing a wonderful blog award upon me on February 18th. I have had a couple before and totally forgot to acknowledge/thank and follow the instructions (probably because I am likely a bad case of adult ADD.) This time I decided I needed to be a good girl and do what I'm told and maybe focus...yeah, good luck with that one.

This is the Honest Scrap award, which means that I have to write 10 interesting, random facts about me. Really? I'm not sure I can come up with one intersting, random fact about me but I will try. I'll try for some that you, my beautiful blog world sweeties, don't already know.

Here goes nothing:

1) I am technically an identical twin. Allegedly. When I was 17 and had my first gynecological exam, I was diagnosed with a huge cyst on my ovary. It was so big that it was pressing on other organs and causing major problems with bladder infections and intenstinal stuff. The cyst contained hair, teeth, sweat glands, bones, etc...Apparently, it's not an unusual thing. In some schools of medicine they believe it is an absorbed twin. Anyway, I thought it was gross. It was removed right before my 18th birthday. My dad thought it was cool and called it my "cyst-er." Get it?

2) I am 1/64th Blackfoot Indian, descended from Jemimah Boone, wife of Daniel.

3) I have a severe and paralyzing fear of heights. At any moment all I have to do is think about being high on top of a mountain or somewhere super high and I will feel vertigo and severe panic coming on. I went to Bryce Canyon in Utah (beautiful) but when the wall disappeared on either side of me down a hiking trail and either side jutted down (what seemed like) hundreds of feet, I froze and could not go on. I had to crawl back up the hill on my hands and knees to get back. I went to the car and read a book. Needless to say, flying is not my favorite thing.

4) I spent one summer in my teens in Eagle River, Alaska, with my Aunt and her family. It's the coolest vacation I've ever been on. I'm thankful to my Grandma (who just turned 84 on Monday) for making the trip possible. She sent me during a time of some family turmoil and I really needed it.

5) A couple years ago I ran into Jack Kevorkian (aka Dr. Death) on the streets of Royal Oak, MI. I was with another blogger, K. of Mind the Gap. She took my picture with him. And yes, he was wearing the famous blue sweater (in the summer.) And he was a lovely man who was very gracious about having his picture taken with me. What a tiny little man! Those hunger strikes really worked!

This is hard!

6) I used to sing lead in an 80's/90's rock tribute band called Moneyshot (don't blame me, the rest of the band was a bunch of guys and they all unanimously picked the name.) We specialized in hair bands. My favorite songs to belt out were 18 & Life by Skid Row or Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford.

7) When I do things - whether it be housework or work-work, I work in very rapid, very efficient bursts of energy. I cannot do one thing for a very long time. Which is making this list of 10 hard for me. Some might call this ADD. I call it genius.

8) I am a Golden Girls savant. I can tell you anything you could possibly want to know, or maybe not want to know, about those gorgeous ladies of Miami. It's not normal, but it's me. I watch them on my 7 season DVD collection every single night and have done so for almost three years straight. Miami is nice - so I'll say it thrice....

Seriously, I am not that interesting of a person. Let me try to squeak out two more.

9) I was such a goody two-shoes when I was in high school that the local newspaper actually published an editorial that I sent in criticizing a comic strip for the use of the word "hell"....for real? What a friggin' dork!

10) Though I am not the least bit religious, I am trying to give up swearing for Lent because I think it's probably a good idea to cut down and act more like a lady. A friend of mine informed me the other day that I should give up something I like. I informed her that I LOVE swearing. I love it very much. Is that wrong? I think it's funner than a sonnofa...pup.

Now I get to share this blog award love with 7 other bloggers. Some of you may have already gotten this, so if you don't want to acknowledge it, no prob. Here are my picks:

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Phew! Ok, enjoy!


  1. Thank you!! I think you're rockin too, apparently you were really rockin' back in the day. That is very cool!

  2. Ohmygod!!! You were a lead singer?!?! That is way cool!

    And the absorbed twin? That freaks me out a bit.

    And thankus for the award, I lurve your American bootay too.xoxoxox

  3. THANK YOU!! I LOVE this award!! :)

    And all you would have had to say was that you were a Golden Girls savant and it would have been enough for me!

    Your dad's "cyster" comment was awesome, too!

    Thank you!

  4. THANK YOU! Made my day! I am new to this blogging stuff and trying to figure it all out, but wow I am having a blast with it. So I have what may be a stupid question. You say there are instructions to follow when getting a blog award? What is that so I make sure I have proper blog etiquette? Also, totally connect with the fear of heights. My husband is very outdoorsy but has finally given up on taking me on hikes and ski trips. I have had panic attacks on the bunny hill and hiking trails. I even have a hard time taking escalators in malls!

  5. Okay, no fair. I already knew every single one of those except the last one, and I only didn't know that because I havne't talked to you in FOREVER!!

    And thanks for the shout-out by the way. Please tell me the last time we hung out wasn't Kevorkian day. Oh,, it was organic pizza day. Well, it's still been WAY too long!! xoxo

  6. Hey again! You asked about white wines. Well, here is my opinion! If you are new to whites, try a Reisling. This has a sweetness to it and most wine drinkers like Reisling. There are different kinds of Reisling though so you would have to ask who you are buying from what the level of dryness/sweetness is. I prefer pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc over chardonnay because I like crisp, dry whites. HOWEVER, (Geez, look at me go on and on, you must be thinking, Shut up already! But you asked. And I looove wine) RED WINE is by far my fave, fave, fave. I like the kind that makes your tongue click the roof of your mouth because it is so flavorful and dry. Cabs, Cab blends, Chianti are my favorites probably. I am not trendy or snooty by any means, therefore, I can honestly say I do not like Pinot Noir that much, even though it is the "cool" wine of the moment. There you have it. :)

  7. Yo MUST have some Moneyshot footage somewhere! I would love to see you belting out Skid Row. That would make my year. Also, my dad and I used to watch the Golden Girls. You know how every demographic target group has a few inexplicable outliers? They were named BusyDad and BusyDad's Dad.