Friday, September 24, 2010

The Truth About The Ladies Room

I know, I know….I am such a bad blogger. I have not blogged much at all in the last several months. What can I say, I haven’t been feelin’ it. And of course now that I am taking a break from taking a break, I have decided to touch on kind of a gross topic. Here’s the WARNING: If you don’t like potty talk…or if you don’t like to imagine that women actually go #2, PLEASE STOP READING RIGHT NOW!

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I would like to broach a serious topic. One that I know enters the minds of every single woman out there. Women pooping in public restrooms. There, I said it. If you are severely grossed out, I will warn you again – STOP READING!

I am slightly fascinated by this topic, which is kind of a weird thing to admit. Here’s my deal – everyone poops. Everyone. You ladies that sit there squeezing your butt cheeks together in the ladies room, sitting quietly in the stall waiting for the entire bathroom to clear out – get over it! That is what the bathroom is for. Pooping and peeing. Duh. A woman that doesn’t poop is about as common as a modern day immaculate conception. It would be a miracle.

Men may not realize that there is this ladies bathroom culture that exists. Every man I have told seems utterly shocked. Let me put it to rest for you, guys. Women do not powder their noses. Ladies bathrooms are not scented like flowers or cinnamon (unless there is some nasty air freshener in the air that smells like cinnamon-y poo.) As far as I can tell, the following are the different female public bathroom situations one will regularly (pardon the pun) encounter:

1) The Battle of Wills – In other words, who wants it more? This occurs when there are two women in the bathroom who both clearly have to poop. No tinkling is happening. There could be coughing and nose blowing and each lady is trying to outlast the other. Whoever wants it bad enough wins. One will reluctantly flush the toilet, wash her hands, and leave…all without having done the deed. The other waits for the door to the bathroom to open and then pushes with all of her might with great relief and feeling victorious. Extremely common in any ladies bathroom (can also be coupled with any of the below.)

2) The Perfume Queen – There are some women that think if they bring their perfume sprayer in the restroom with them and spray down their stall prior to their “release” that it will somehow cover up the fact that they have dropped trou’. This is one of the worst offenders. I would rather smell your dookie than your nasty vanilla scented perfume any day. Seriously, we know what you’re doing.

3) The Cougher – This is the one who thinks she can cover a plop with a cough. We’re wise to you, honey. I get concerned about these girls. I worry that they’re going to pull a muscle. This also covers the nose-blower. Either way, we know what you’re doing.

4) The Old Lady – Old ladies are great because they just don’t care. They’ve lived long enough to understand that pooping is a natural human function. And they eat a lot of bran, so they are just gonna go in there and (God bless ‘em) they’re gonna let it all go and proudly plop, flatulate and walk out with their head held high.

5) The Hand Washer – This is the lady that enters the restroom to see if anyone is in there. Once she spots the telltale feet under the stall doors, she quickly pretends that she only came in to wash her hands. Then walks out crabby and unsatisfied. She’ll give it about a half hour and try again.

6) The Camel – This is the most fascinating breed of all. These are the ladies who exercise amazing sphincter control. They literally do not poop anyplace but their own home. I came across three of these unusual creatures a couple of months ago. Oddly enough, the conversation began at lunch. I know – chicks are disgusting. I will protect these subjects by avoiding using their names. These are the ones who think that anyone who chooses to drop a deuce in a public restroom is “distgusting.” I know this because they all told me themselves. They will instead, to their own discomfort, hold all of that putrid, foul waste inside of their bodies, sometimes for 48 hours or more. I’m sorry, who is the gross one?

I could go on and on, but the above are the most common. So, why did I choose to out these characteristics? Why would I choose to share this with you? I’m honestly not sure, however, it fascinates me to no end that women have such shame for such a normal and natural bodily function that they try to pretend, to the point of sometimes sickening themselves, that they could not possibly take a shit. That, my friends, is a tragedy.

Personally, I count myself in the most rare category of all – The Chick Who Just Does What Needs to Be Done. Hey, if I have to go, I’m gonna go. Go ahead and think I’m disgusting. But at least I’m not walking around with a stomach ache or smelling like a giant vanilla bean. I say all women need to be liberated. Fight the power – take a dump. Do yourself a favor. Avoid bowel obstruction and do your doody. Maybe if we all just own up to it, we’ll all be feeling better. It’s a new day. Instead of burning you bra – walk into that bathroom, head held high, newspaper under your arm, and show that bowl who’s boss. You GO, girl!


  1. You and I are in the same category!
    While I don't generally like a smelly bathroom, it's a bathroom and when people poop sometimes it smells!
    If I have to go, I have to go. End. of. Story.

  2. sometimes i can go freely and walk out, residual odor following me and head held high.
    other times, it crawls back up and waits until i get home.
    one summer, i held my poop almost the whole time i was at camp. so uncomfortable.

  3. When a dude poops in a public restroom, the other guys applaud. So...I've been told, of course. What's wrong with girls?

  4. Omg that was hilarious .. And so True ..

  5. This culture surrounding women and pooping is very interesting. Before I launch into What I came here to say, I would like to point out that many of the techniques discussed in this article are also used by men in public bathrooms. Also, before I continue, I would like to Worn some people that what I'm about to say may be considered to be radical or offensive. It is not my intention to start a fiery debate, but rather to promote a productive discussion. It is also not my intention to gross people out, but rather to offer a different perspective and expand awareness. If after reading my post you find that you have questions, or would like to discuss this topic In a civilized manner I certainly welcome responses and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Now that that is out-of-the-way I would like to let you ladies know about and on for seen Effect of women's shyness about going number two. The common perception is that women will do anything to conceal the fact that they poop. Men also prefer to lie to themselves and say that women do not. Poop. In many instances however, there are men who find it wildly erotic to witness a woman pea, fart, and poop on the toilet. This fascination is only exacerbated by the fact that witnessing a woman in such a situation is such a Rayor opportunity. Unfortunately when the majority here something involving poop and sexual arousal, they immediately think of two girls one cup. This video by and large has nothing to do with the fascination I am discussing. Two girls one cup Can be categorized as scat… And therefore involves a whole host of unhealthy, unsanitary, and degrading actions occurring between the parties involved. The fascination that I am concerned with is commonly referred to as Efro (erotic female relieving observance). This interest is simply about observing the natural process that every woman must go through. It is about becoming in tune with the relief of someone you find to be attractive. It is about the appreciation of the natural sights, sounds, and smells that come with this very private act. Although partaking in this interest involves the breaking down of many psychological and sociological barriers, there really is nothing wrong with it if you look at it objectively. If it is done consensually nobody is at risk of being hurt. It is completely sanitary as it is the simply the observation of the action that is occurring rather than actually coming in contact with the waste (which is disgusting). In the end there are many people will find this interest to be repulsive and disgusting… But from another perspective is an appreciation of the woman in all of her natural beauty. Oh, and yes there are women out there who enjoy witnessing men as well. This interests also applies to men and other men as well as women and other women.