Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mommy X Rocks the House

My last post was a picture of, you guessed it, me. Mommy X. Little old me. Here's the pic again:

Was I ever actually THAT cool? I posted it upon request from my friend Jim at The Busy Dad, mostly because he thought is was cool that I used to sing Skid Row and stuff like that.

Let me clarify, however, that behind this business suit with boogers on the lapel beats the heart of a rocker chick. So what if I can't stay up past 9 on a weeknight, 10 on the weekend? So what if I am more Eddie Bauer than Eddie Van Halen? I am still the same person. I am still fun, still cool as heck and obviously still trying not to swear by inciting the strange Christian ritual called Lent. I never was a drinker. In fact, contrary to what most bands lead singers do I was, in fact, 100% sober in this picture. Why waste a great memory, right? Did that mean I wasn't cool and couldn't rock? No.

What all of it means to me is that I am still the same person that I was 9 years ago on St. Patrick's Day when my band, Moneyshot, played our last gig. But I'm so much more. I am now ROCKING motherhood. In my Eddie Bauer clothes, with my sensible shoes, no spikes to be found. And I love every single moment of my time with my Bam-Bam. Even more than the rush of the cheering crowd. Much more.


  1. Best name for a band. Ever. I was in a band in high school. I have no photographic evidence. Thank god.

  2. Jim, you would say that. Every guy loves the name. I was outnumbered with 4 male band members! Wish I could see your pics from the band days.

  3. It's funny the things that I used to think were cool and oh so much fun- you know like bar hopping and the like- are nothing compared to a good carnival with my kids!

  4. Hi Mommy X,

    I think you're blog is awesome and wanted to pass on to you the Honest Scrap award! But I just noticed you've already received it, oops! Hope you will accept it twice...Nic :)