Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's With People?

I have my crabby pants on. And you guys know I have been under quarantine with this flu for quite a while so it is only making it worse. Warning: Pity Party begins now.

So my question is - What the hell is wrong with people?


We have close friends and family who live in this area. We have been struggling like mad in the last two weeks. Do you think anyone actually comes out of the woodwork to do anything? To help? Maybe make some food for us? Drop off some magazines? How about a phone call to check on us? Hell no. Not even that.

Oh sure, we've had the occasional, "tell me if you need anything..." (mostly via facebook) but you know what, who's going to do that? Really and truly. Why can't people take the bull by the horns and just help a person in need without having to be asked?

The honest truth is that it just doesn't happen. People are too wrapped up in their own boring lives to think about anyone else. They don't reach out. They really don't.

A few weeks ago an acquaintance that I work with was down with H1N1. She has a husband at home who is a quadriplegic. She's definitely a person that needs help. I said to a few co-workers, "we should do something for her, send her some food..." The response was the same for everyone, "Yeah, we should." and then they just went on as if nothing was ever said. So I spoke up and said, "Wait, let's really do something for her. Let's not just talk about it but let's do it." And because I bugged the crap out of everyone to do something like that she received a care package of food from us.

And I'm not trying to say I'm so great and everyone else sucks. But it occurs to me that no one would have reached out to this person had I not decided that it needed to happen. Sure, they would have talked about it. But no one would have taken action.

Do I need food on my doorstep? Maybe. Especially considering that it is Thanksgiving tomorrow and we cannot leave the house. But do you think that ANYONE has offered to bring a plate over for my husband and son? His own sister's reaction to the fact that we couldn't come to Thanksgiving dinner and were stuck alone in our house for the 6th day in a row? "Oh, that sucks." That's it. Not, "I'm bringing you guys some food." Nothing.

So my husband is at Kroger right now buying Thanksgiving dinner. He's going to make it himself. For us. After spending the last week caring for me and my son around the clock. I guess I just feel like it's not fair. And I feel angry and hurt that no one seems to care. And I know we are good people that deserve better than this.

Am I asking all of you out there who read this to come to my rescue? Absolutely not. This is truly just a rant post, ok? I just don't understand what has happened in this world to make people so apathetic towards people who are in need....particularly when those people are family.

This is an on-going problem in my life, though. Probably the biggest flaw that I have is that I have huge expectations of other people and get myself hurt a lot because they just don't live up to them. I've tried to learn how to be better about it but it's times like these that my high expectations catch up with me.

And if you send a turkey to my house after reading this, I will kick your ass.


  1. That really does suck. I've noticed the some thing. Used to be if a neighbor or family member was sick, people would bring over casseroles or fresh bread. It's not at all like it used to be.

    Hope you and yours are feeling better. Kudos for Hubs for cooking the Thanksgiving feast.

  2. Oh hon, I know exactly what you mean. People nowadays just don't give a shit anymore. And that is very sad.

    But as you said, maybe they are too wrapped up in their own thing and we can't do anything about that. It's their issue not ours.

    ...Feel better babe.xox

  3. "And I'm not trying to say I'm so great and everyone else sucks." But you are so great and everyone else does suck, so why not say it? ... I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving despite your frustration and sickness.

  4. You ladies rule! Thanks for all your various sweetness and sentiments. And I think that I am really going to make a special effort to reach out to people more. What I mean is, baking Christmas cookies for the neighbors and crap like that. At least someone around here can be friendly.

  5. Your are so right. People do suck most of the time. I am so glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving despite it all. I would have brought you food or done your laundry if I could have. And I'm not just saying that :)