Saturday, October 3, 2009

All I Want

Although I spend a great deal of my time trying to sort out the past and the things I have gone through, I must say that I wildly prefer the present. I realize that I truly have all that I could possibly want and need. That's a pretty damn good feeling. My son is a constant source of joy. My husband is a great man and a wonderful father. I live a relatively sedate lifestyle (by choice) and relish the small things in life. I could not ask for more. Here is a short list of those things that I love so much:

1) The way my son cups my chin and says "Oh, Mommy," and then plants a kiss on me.

2) How my husband empties the dishwasher for me because he knows how I hate to empty.

3) When Bam-Bam and I drive past a local turkey farm (and yes, we live in a major metropolitan area, NOT the country) and he shouts "TOOOOOOOOKEEEEEEYYYYSSS!!!!!"

4) How hubby is totally cool with the fact that I like flowers but I despise gardening, therefore I will never be one of those ladies puttering around in the yard all weekend making it purty.

5) Bam-Bam's love of all things aquatic.

6) Ok, so we have a few annoying neighbors, but I love our home. It's just right for us. Just the right size, nothing too fancy and modestly decorated. I would love to pick it up and plop it out in the country somewhere.

7) I have some amazing friends. I don't see most of them very much but they are so special to me. What I like is that they come from all walks of life - stay at home and working moms, single people, gay men, white collar, blue collar, democrats, republicans....I don't care who you are - I love you all for different reasons. You are our adopted family.

8) I have a job that I really love that allows me time to balance my family life with my work.

9) I've had the good fortune of living for 36 years and hope to live at least 36 more (and then some). The way I've seen people die young, I am thankful for every single birthday I am given and never get pissed about growing older - it is truly a gift.

I think that sums it up.


  1. I'm starting to become a believer that sometimes, as much as we try, sorting out the past and coming to some sort of answer or conclusion isn't worth the time. I know the majority of people won't agree, but it's part of being in the moment, self-awareness and awakening.

    Anyway, my point here is that I loved this. I absolutely adore positivity; it makes me leave a blog feeling fulfilled. I've noticed excessive amounts of darkness, negativity and pots being stirred unnecessarily a lot in the past few weeks and I've stopped visiting a ton of blogs I used to because it's just a bit too spirit-leeching.

    So it was a pleasure to come here and see that you're content in the little things and grateful with the massive things ~ like the gift of life.


  2. Thanks very much. I'm glad you enjoyed this. In general I try to keep a really positive attitude about life in the present. I still find value in working through some of what's happened in the past, but you're right...we have to live in the now. What I'm thankful for is that the shit that happened in the past did not interfere with the happiness that I enjoy in the present. The past is a huge part of who I am but does NOT define me. Nonetheless, I find it necessary to work it out. But not today. And not every day. Today, I just feel joyful and thankful!

    Glad you stopped in. XO Have a great weekend with your awesome family! And play a little Mraz for me.

  3. Couldn't agree more! And I love your list btw.